Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Ugly old Beehive

New Zealand's Parliament Building has been named the third ugliest building in the world by tourism website VirtualTourist.com, which describes the Beehive as a "a slide projector that fell on a wedding cake that fell on a waterwheel" – a process, to be honest, that would probably provide a more attractive outcome.

 Says the Herald, where you can vote (or at least comment) on its ugliness:

    “The Morris A. Mechanic Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland was deemed the ugliest building, with VirtualTourist editors decrying its "grim, impersonal façade," while the Zizkov Television Tower in Prague was named second-ugliest building.
    “Others to make the list were Paris' Pompidou Centre, Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum and Melbourne's Federation Square.”

Shite-In-Toronto I confess to a quiet affection for the Pompidou Centre, but the others are deserving candidates all: perfect examples of the collision of politics and architecture.  (Federation Square might make the top just on dollars-spent-per-branch that it hit while falling out of the ugly tree.)

And while there’s stiff competition – that’s the museum on the right, by the way, that must make residents of Toronto glad that it’s too cold there to go out on the streets for six months at a time – the Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea only makes number ten this year, a remarkably poor performance for what some would consider a deserving champion.

Meanwhile, we can but dream about the most deserving fate for Wellington’s wedding cake:


Don’t you think it looks far more attractive as a ruin? And just think what we could save if it were brought about this week?

Jon Voight is right: NZ’s die-while-you wait health system creates “many deaths”

Protesting what he calls Barack Obama’s “obsession with trying to ram this health bill through to create a socialist America,” actor Jon Voight told thousands of anti-ObamaCare protestors in Washington recently:

    _quote We would be no better off than the European countries and Canada and New Zealand who suffer greatly from a poor healthcare system. Their rationing system creates many deaths."

For my American readers who might think that’s hyperbole, that’s certainly true of New Zealand’s die-while-you-wait health “system.” Here’s some posts from NOT PC that demonstrate the point:

  • They died of it
    Three Hawkes Bay people have died waiting for coronary bypass surgery . . .
  • Cold comfort in die-while-you-wait hospitals
    . . .  figures were released revealing that up to one in eight patients at Wellington's hospitals "is the victim of a medical accident, error or mishap," and up to twenty-three patients of Wellington's Capital Coast Health were either killed or endured serious harm through inattention, incompetence and bungling. . . Capital Coast Health apologists issued the airy dismissal that "these problems occur everywhere" . . .
  • The "human face" of New Zealand's socialist medical system
    The Herald has three more tales showing the "human face" of New Zealand's socialist medical system . . .
  • Capital Coast: Not just a die-while-you-wait health system
    Following the death of a one-day old baby after her and her mother were released from Wellington hospital just six hours after giving birth, details have now been released under the Official Information Act showing that up to one in eight patients at Wellington's hospitals "is the victim of a medical accident, error or mishap," and up to twenty-three patients of Wellington's Capital Coast Health were either killed or endured serious harm through inattention, incompetence and bungling.
    Radio NZ story here. Dom Post story here.
    The information describes the standard of care at Capital Coast Health as "a shambles." An independent November audit stated that "crisis management was the normal operating environment at Wellington Hospital." And all while government spending on the government's health system has rocketed. The answer is clearly not more of our money.
  • The Wellington solution
    "It must be wearing," says Stephen Franks, "to work in a spiritless atmosphere - hating management but being cynical about all solutions." Giving a talk to the Auckland Medico-Legal Association, he was told afterwards that “hospital productivity had probably dropped 20% as many medical professionals had given up going the extra mile to cover for system deficiencies.” And all this while govt spending on the govt's die-while-you-wait health system has rocketed.
  • New ministers, same old failure
    . . . health spending has doubled in the last ten years while education spending has ballooned by 7% a year every year for the last ten years -- an enormous spending binge -- but with almost nothing to show for the deluge of taxpayer money beyond inflated public sector prices and emptier taxpayer pockets: all major health indicators for example have either held steady or declined as waiting lists have continued to climb, while all literacy studies show either decreases in functional literacy or only negligible improvements.
  • Rationed health care is hardly health care at all
    The Government won't fund Herceptin, a an early-stage drug for breast cancer that has saved lives overseas. It won't fund Gardasil, a vaccine for cervical cancer that promises to save the lives of hundreds of NZ women every year. Hospital waiting lists get ever longer, and hospital salaries here less and less attractive compared to what can be earned elsewhere.
    Lives are being lost, and the people who are saving lives are not being given the tools to do the job. Such is the result of the rationing of health care, which is precisely how government health care is delivered.
  • When more patients is a good thing
    . . . When this architect is hired by profit-making businesses to design their emergency rooms, his clients actually want him to attract more people inside. In their view, attracting more customers is a good thing, since more customers equals greater profits, and and increased ability to treat even more patients.
    Such are the incentives in private medicine.
    By contrast, when the government builds emergency rooms, more people are a nuisance. More patients equals an increasing strain on limited resources. More people in the emergency room is a problem.
    Such are the disincentives in state-run medicine.
  • Lindsay Perigo: Wankers, wowsers, waiting lists and Islamofascists
    Ronald Reagan used to tell the story, though not to Mikhail Gorbachev, of the fellow in the late unlamented Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, who bought a car. He was told by a clerk behind a desk that delivery would be seven years three months and five days away. “Morning or afternoon?” asked the buyer. “Morning or afternoon?” echoed the clerk … what difference does it make when it’s seven years three months and five days away?” “Well,” said the buyer, “it has to be the afternoon. The plumber’s coming in the morning.”
    That’s about what it’s like now in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Aotearoa. No, you don’t have to wait for a plumber. You don’t have to queue for bread. There’s no toilet paper shortage. . .  But here in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Aotearoa, Nanny State runs the health system. What does she give us? Waiting lists. How does she reduce the waiting lists? By tearing them up! You don’t get your surgery but you’re no longer on a waiting list because Nanny says you’re not. She’s sent you back to your GP. Now isn’t that reassuring when you’ve got skin cancer. Fat lot of use your GP is there, but Nanny is saying you have to wait till your tumour is really big, by which time it’s more difficult to remove and will probably have metastasised. Nanny’s die-while-you-wait health system is also currently serving up chronic staff shortages and, of course, strikes. Be very … healthy.
  • The culling fund
    ”People got so upset over a cull of a few hundred horses, yet relatively little protests over 35,000 humans being culled from hospital waiting lists last year. It is mind bloggling that Labour can literally throw billions and billions of dollars into this black hole [what you might call the 'Culling Fund'], and not get any significant improvement in terms of elective operations. No wonder so many people have private medical insurance.”
  • I wonder how many of you have private health insurance? (Yes, I do.) How do you feel about it? And how do you feel about paying twice -- once for your health insurance, and once for a die-while-you-wait health system which is slowly becoming a die-while-you-wait-to-get-on-their-list system.

  • Life-saving private cancer unit opens in Auckland
    . . . contract cancer in Eastern Europe or the UK, for example, and your chances of survival are less than half; but contract cancer in the US, and your chances vault up to nearly two-thirds. The reason Brits are more likely to die? "Cancer experts blamed late diagnosis and long waiting lists." Despite this being all too clear, little has been or can be done to speed up diagnosis or cut waiting times in the die-while-you-wait public system NZ shares with the UK. In other words, people have been dying for the sake of a failed ideology.
  • Death by ideology
    People are dying because of a failed ideology, says MacDoctor - "an attitude that places ideology above patient care" . . .

Libz backs Voight on NZ’s socialised medicine

I”m very pleased to see my colleague and health professional Dr Richard McGrath come out in support of Jon Voight’s excoriation of New Zealand’s die-while-you-wait health system.

JonVoight_220x147     “Voight, [the father of Angelina Jolie and star of] dozens of movies including Midnight Cowboy, Catch 22 and Deliverance, took to the streets beneath Capitol Hill with thousands of other activists.
They were protesting President Barack Obama's plans to restructure the American healthcare system.
    “The 70-year-old Oscar-winner addressed the crowd shouting, "We would be no better off than the European countries and Canada and New Zealand who suffer greatly from a poor healthcare system. Their rationing system creates many deaths."

Says Libertarianz leader Dr Richard McGrath, a Masterton GP:

Libz Back Hollywood Star's Denunciation of Socialised Medicine
The Libertarianz Party has endorsed recent comments from actor Jon Voight condemning socialised health care.
    Party leader, medical doctor Richard McGrath said: "Mr Voight is quite correct in his denunciation of the health systems in countries such as Canada and New Zealand. While attempting to provide universal cover to entire populations regardless of individual ability to pay, such systems undermine choice and provide rationed care, with no guarantee of timely treatment. Unfortunately, lots of people end up dying needlessly on public hospital waiting lists."
    "In socialised health care with funding collected through taxation, a person cannot withdraw from the government scheme. There is no portability in the system. People are locked in, even if there are alternatives out there that better suit them and their families."
    "The Libertarianz Party believes New Zealanders should be able to use their own money to purchase health insurance, or contribute to health plans based around voluntary co-operatives."
    "There should be no facility whereby Kiwis can help themselves to other people's money to treat conditions often brought on by poor lifestyle choices. This is unjust, and provides disincentive for people to take ownership of their health problems."
    "Health care need not be expensive if insurance cover for unexpected and catastrophic illness could be purchased by way of a tax break for all income earners, and people could nominate what level of surcharge they were prepared to pay for their care."
    "Just as not all of us can afford to drive a Rolls-Royce, not all of us can afford premium quality health care. If we accept that, then there is motivation for people to work harder and reprioritise their spending so they can more easily afford a higher level of care."
    "Health care is not a gift from heaven; it is a service provided by skilled professionals and support workers who have often made sacrifices to spend years in training, and who expect an income commensurate with the service they provide."
    "There is no innate right to receive subsidised health care, for this would have to be paid for by someone else who is given no choice in the matter. A right to health care enslaves doctors, nurses and others in the health industry. It is incompatible with the capitalist system of limited government, voluntary interaction, free trade and protection of individual rights."
    "I applaud the response to Mr Voight's comments by Sir Roger Douglas. As he suggests, in countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, vast and increasing amounts of money have poured into the public health infrastructure with the aim of increasing affordability, reducing waste and increasing the quality and quantity of services. The diminishing returns on this investment are symptomatic of the failure of all socialist economies to allocate resources efficiently and justly through flexible pricing structures."
    "My party believes New Zealanders should be left free to organise their own health care. This would, for many, involve spreading financial risk by forming large co-operative groups or enrolling with insurers, so that catastrophic health situations can be managed."
    "The critical difference between this and the current system of taxpayer-funded public hospitals and subsidised primary care is that individuals can opt out when the service is unsatisfactory and take their money elsewhere."
    "Socialised medicine is a form of enslavement where people lose control of how their money is spent, and where health providers are so over-regulated that they become trapped, with private alternatives to the government-run system made near-impossible."
    "My party believes control of health care should be devolved gradually from politicians back to individuals, families and iwi. Our policies are consistent with this, and we will continue to push for privatisation of the health industry - in contrast to the National Party, who aim for continued nationalisation."

Quote of the day: Wall Street Journal on Nick Smith’s Emissions Trading Scam [update 2]

In the week that the Key Government is rushing to shackle New Zealand with its rushed-through Emissions Trading Scam, it’s worth recalling what the Wall Street Journal said of it back in September:

_quote To the annals of global warming lunacy, add this gem from New Zealand: According to [the Key Government, Nick Smith and] a parliamentary committee, Kiwis should accept lower standards of living to protect the national image abroad.”
            - ‘Kiwi Carbon Haze,’ Wall Street Journal, September 7, 2009

UPDATE 1:  Here’s an excerpt from a new book in which the author warns “the political disaster we are creating far outstrips any human impact on the environment”:

_quote...Among people who are in the position to create and enforce government policies . . . there is a consensus that human responsibility for global warming is a settled issue, and that the task now is to implement the laws required to atone for that responsibility.
    “This political consensus is a dangerous thing, because the remedies being proposed to mitigate the AGW predictions are breathtaking in their scope, and will have negative consequences for billions of people.
    “This conclusion is not a matter of hypothetical computer modeling, conjecture, or percentages on a graph. The governmental actions being planned now are on a scale commensurate with socialist planned economies, and would place the very heart of industrial society-the motive power that keeps its industry beating-under the control of a labyrinthine maze of all-powerful government bureaucracies.
    “Should these proposals be adopted, the people of the industrialized nations will be subjected to controls over minutiae of daily life on a level previously thought intolerable.
    “It behooves policy planners, scientists and citizens alike to grasp the consequences of such policies, while they consider the shaky, disputed scientific grounds on which the calls for action are based...”

                            - a short excerpt from "History, Politics, and Claims of Man-made Global
                              Warming" -- an article by Dr. John Lewis, Associate Professor, Philosophy,
                              Politics and Economics, Duke University and published in a new book
                              Natural Resources, the Environment, and Human Welfare, edited by Ellen
                              Fraenkel Paul, Fred D. Miller Jr. and Jeffrey Paul (Cambridge, 2009)

UPDATE 2:  Another quote that goes straight to the heart,just like a knife between the ribs:

_quoteOur future is now being set in concrete. Race based politics and crooked science. Talk about a double whammy.”
                              - Lou Taylor at No Minister

The Cloud – Arthur Hacker (1902)



It’s amazing what you can find when scouring Victoriana. Like this almost surreal dream-fantasy by one Arthur Hacker (1858-1919): “a very adult nude in the violent embrace of nature itself.”

Monday, 23 November 2009

Warmists hacked

If you’re just waking up to the news that 1079 emails and 72 documents from the world’s leading warmist scientists has been hacked (showing to the whole world the real character and behind-the-curtain activities of the authors of the so-called scientific consensus) then you might have seen a looooong piece I posted below as the news was breaking.

But to help you get a quick handle on it all, here’s the main point as quoted from an email sent by expat NZ scientist and IPCC lead author Kevin Trenberth to the rest of the warmist team:

    “. . .  where the heck is global warming? . . . The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t. The CERES data published in the August BAMS 09 supplement on 2008 shows there should be even more warming: but the data are surely wrong. Our observing system is inadequate.”

That’s really the crux of it right there.  The world is not warming.  They don’t know why. And it doesn’t fit any of their models.

Which means the “consensus” is a bust, the “science is settled” meme is a bust – and The Team themselves know that

All the rest is hand waving.

Taken together, the emails and documents suggest, as even the New York Times sniffily admits, “that climate scientists conspired to overstate the case for a human influence on climate change.”

It’s already been called “the blue-dress moment,” the 'Climate Pentagon Papers' and 'a scandal that is one of the greatest in modern science.’

These are the papers Nick Smith and his legislative partners need to be reading before imposing an Emissions Trading Scam on us to shut down a non-problem.

If you want to read more, the best links to start with are these:

And just to show the local mainstream media how it can be done, here’s some of the mainstream media’s reports from around the globe (from the mainstream media, that is, who haven’t been caught with their pants down) :

As Andrew Bolt reports, “Most of the media reporting is easing into this Great Global Warming Conspiracy story sideways, but the tide is slowly turning . . . ”

Rising house prices not the result of a ‘strong market’ but of a totally malfunctioning market [updated]

Bad as the Reserve Bank’s focus on bogus “price stability” is, which as Phil Goff bewailed last week it targets with the blunt instrument of interest rates, it turns out there is little it can do about housing prince inflation – but as we’ve explained many times before, and as Owen McShane explains in his latest newsletter, there’s something Phil and crew could do that could, and would:

    “The Reserve Bank is well aware that local government policies that restrain the supply of land raises house prices because supply cannot respond to changes in the scale and nature of demand.
    “The only way the Reserve Bank can respond to these real estate bubbles is to increase interest rates which in turn increases the value of the dollar.
    “New Zealand’s housing supply is even more constrained than ever because massive compliance costs and development contributions mean the cost of creating new lots now exceed their sale value.
    “These rising prices are not the result of a ‘strong market’ but of a totally malfunctioning market.
    “New Zealand cannot blame low interest rates for our housing bubble.
    “We have had one of the least affordable housing markets in the world and yet during the bubble years the RB maintained a high interest rate regime.
    “Indeed, international urban economists cite NZ as the counter-factual case study to challenge those who blame the bubble on cheap money rather than constraints on supply.
    “The so-called “Smart Growth” planners refuse to learn. They insist we have unaffordable housing because we have not had sufficient Smart Growth (dense thinking.)
    “Their response is to have even more restrictive plans, and in Tauranga they are now proposing enforced minimum densities.
    “Most true communists believe the Soviet Empire collapsed because its communism was not pursued with sufficient rigour.
    “Most central planners blame their failures on other people’s failure to do as they are told.
    “So beware. Smart Growth is coming to a town near you.”




Why not join Owen and supporters at Alan Gibbs’s Kaipara farm for the Great Day Out?  Great food, great beer, and some alleged art – all in aid of a good cause.

Come and support Owen’s Centre of Resource Management Studies and Muriel Newman’s Centre for Political Research – and have a great day out.

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Why politics is a waste of time

Another brief guest post here from “Willy S.,” based on a report in the UK Independent outlining some of the “challenges” facing politicians wooing voters:

"To borrow from a well-used abbreviation on the mothers' forum site Mumsnet, the response to David Cameron's online chat with the parenting website this week was a BFN – a Big Fat Negative...
    "Mr Cameron fared little better than Gordon Brown, whose attempt last month at wooing the Mumsnet mothers stumbled over his failure to reveal what was his favourite biscuit." [Emphasis added]

800 billion pounds of government debt? Meh. No problem.
A public health system where people die waiting for treatment? Errr.... don't mind that.
British soldiers dying in wars abroad? That's OK.

But Gordon Brown doesn't know what his favourite biscuit is. OH NO!!!.


Quote of the day: Stephen Fry on blog comments

    _quote I don't know about you but whenever I read a blog I do not let my eye drop below half the screen in case I accidentally hit the bit where the comments reside. Of all the stinking, sliding, scuttling, weird, entomological creatures that inhabit the floor of the internet those comments on blogs are the most unbearable, almost beyond imagining.
    Their resentment, their desire to be heard at the most vituperative level, at the most unpleasant and malevolent, genuinely ill-willed malevolent, level is terrifying.”
                                       - Stephen Fry

Care to comment anyone? ;^)

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Warmists’ science hacked – and exposed! [update 8]

The emails of several leading warmist scientists' look to have been hacked, going back for at least thirteen years, back when these people thought they were untouchable.

“Scientists” included in the hacked emails include Phil Jones, the man who “corrected” temperature data for the IPCC to account for the Urban Heat Island effect and then “lost” the raw, uncorrected data (I “would rather destroy the CRU data than release it” he says in one email); Michael Mann, who concocted the bogus ‘Hockey Stick’ used by the IPCC to deny the Medieval Warm Period (“'As we all know, this isn't about truth at all, its about plausibly deniable accusations” he says in another); Keith Briffa, the author of a later hockey stick (whose deceptions have already been uncovered by Steve McIntyre); self-confessed liar Stephen Schneider, an adviser to Al Gore; and James Hansen, the man who insists coal trains are like the death trains to the gas chambers, and who also advises The Goracle on warmism.

If genuine, and there’s every reason to suppose they are (even if the words Ian Wishart are included in some of the alleged verifications of them), the emails take you “behind the curtain” in the preparation and presentation of the last several years of warmist revelations. If what’s been uncovered is genuine, there’s evidence here of systematic deception:

  • concealing real doubts about the theory of man-made global warming (AGW);
  • concealing inconvenient facts that don’t fit the theory of AGW;
  • misdirecting attention away from the truth (a tactic being used as we speak by the Real Climate bluffers;
  • confessing that PR trumps truth;
  • massaging raw data to fit the AGW theories;
  • massaging models to make the data fit AGW theories
  • destroying the very data on which the world’s temperature record is based;
  • conspiring to avoid releasing public data to the public under Freedom of Information requests;
  • turning peer-reviewed science journals into shills for warmism;
  • using supposedly “neutral” climate blog Real Climate to control the message and hide dissent;
  • cynically blackballing climate skeptics to avoid confronting their arguments.

Taken together, they suggest, as even the New York Times sniffily admits, “that climate scientists conspired to overstate the case for a human influence on climate change.”

It’s already been called “the blue-dress moment,” the 'Climate Pentagon Papers' and 'a scandal that is one of the greatest in modern science'. It’s like lifting a rock and seeing what’s scuttling round underneath the surface. If true, this is a scandal that should do to politicised science what the global economic meltdown should have done to mainstream macroeconomics.

As Chris Horner says, “If legit, this apparently devastating series of revelations will be very hard for the media to ignore.” 

    “I didn't say impossible [to deny] — the [media are] fully vested partners in the global warming industry, because catastrophism sells. But so does scandal, and this appears to be the makings of a very big one. Imagine this sort of news coming in the field of AIDS research. Then reflect that the taxpayer spends more on climate-related research than on the entire suite of AIDS programs, far beyond drug research.”

And even more than AIDS research, the warmists’ “science” is used to justify shutting down or seriously shacking the industry that keeps us all alive.

So, very hard to deny, very hard to ignore -- Though I’m sure, like the paid warmist shills at the likes of Real Climate (whose leading author Gavin Schmidt is himself included in the emails), they’ll try.  They’ll be trying very hard – after all, it’s their meal ticket that’s at stake.

Lots of links, discussion and analysis all around the place about the hacks and what they’ve revealed, especially at Watts Up With That, Climate DepotClimate Audit, Reference Frame, The Blackboard . . .

This story will keep on running.

UPDATE: Gooner writes a speech for John Key:

Earlier this week Lucy Lawless, and that failed NIWA spindoctor scientist, Jim Salinger, tried to pull a stunt by giving John Key the airfare money to fly to Copenhagen next month. Key refused.
He should now go. I have written his speech (see below).

Ladies and Gentlemen
New Zealand has this week been shown to be the least corrupt country in the World.
We are justifiably very proud of that.
On that basis we do not wish to be involved with the cheats, liars and frauds running the climate change circus.
We are pulling out of Kyoto and scrapping the ETS.
Have a nice conference.
I'm now flying back to New Zealand in Al Gore's private jet.

Best John Key speech ever, I’d say. Not that there’s stiff competition or anything.

UPDATE 2: From around the traps:

  • Read Andrew Bolt:  The warmist conspiracy: the emails that most damn Jones, keeper of world temperature records for the past 1000 years:
    "If they ever hear there is a Freedom of Information Act now in the UK, I think I’ll delete the file rather than send to anyone . . . We also have a data protection act, which I will hide behind. . . I did get an email from the FOI person here early yesterday to tell me I shouldn’t be deleting emails . . . Can you delete any emails you may have had... I’m getting hassled by a couple of people to release the CRU station temperature data. Don’t any of you three tell anybody that the UK has a Freedom of Information Act ! . . . ”
  • Scientists Write Open Letter to Congress: 'You Are Being Deceived About Global Warming' -- 'Earth has been cooling for ten years'
  • Michael Mann - Penn State and University of Virginia, premiere climate scientist, inventor of hockey sticks: "These two are clowns..."
  • Phil Jones, on the data: “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t. The CERES data published in the August BAMS 09 supplement on 2008 shows there should be even more warming: but the data are surely wrong. Our observing system is inadequate.”
  •    Phil Jones again, guardian of the data: “I will be emailing the journal to tell them I’m having nothing more to do with it until they rid themselves of this troublesome editor. . . . It results from this journal having a number of editors. The responsible one for this is a well-known skeptic in NZ [Chris de Freitas]. He has let a few papers through by Michaels and Gray in the past. I’ve had words with Hans von Storch about this, but got nowhere. Another thing to discuss in Nice!”
  • From Tim Blair:
        “Climate Research Unit director Phil Jones – alleged author of that “hide the decline” email – expresses another (alleged) opinion:

    If anything, I would like to see the climate change happen, so the science could be proved right, regardless of the consequences.

    Of course, if change doesn’t happen, it won’t prove that science was wrong. It’ll prove that certain scientists were. As Ed Morrissey notes:

    Here we have scientists who cling to the theory so tightly that they reject the data. That’s not science; it’s religious belief.

  • Pejman Yousefzadeh sums up [hat tip Tim Blair]:

    We know this: The language used in many of the e-mails is offensive, crude, disparaging towards climate skeptics (including a disgusting statement made in the aftermath of the death of one global warming skeptic), and against the spirit of scientific inquiry on multiple levels. If these scientists had the doubts they appear to have had concerning global warming, they should have gone public with those doubts. That way, they would have lost neither their integrity, nor their ability to state that the weight of the evidence supports the theory of anthropogenic global warming. Instead, they engaged in . . . this.

  • “After the leaking of the emails, exactly who are the deniers now?”

UPDATE 4: To help understand the way ‘The Team’ thinks, follow a chain of emails of The Team’s reaction to criticism from Steve McIntyre (of Climate Audit), who had already destroyed one of The Team’s ‘hockey stick’ graph showing faked temperature records, and was taking in interest in another:
                  Read The Alarmists Do "Science": A Case Study – posted at Powerline [hat tip KG]

UPDATE 5: “Scientist” Phil Jones, whose emails and files it was that hackers have now exposed to the the disinfecting power of daylight, looks certain to resign says the Not Evil Just Wrong blog:

Phil Jones: Resignation Inevitable
phil1     “It now looks certain that Phil Jones (right), Director of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, will resign his post.
    “However his departure could damage the pursuit of climate truth.
    “Jones resignation comes after leaked emails revealed his unethical and possibly illegal deletion of publicly funded scientific research. He did this to avoid findings and data that contradicted his climate alarmism from being released through the Freedom of Information Act.
    “However Jones's resignation will be for this unethical/legal breach of the law.
    “But that is not the true scandal. The truly awful behavior by Jones is that he has changed and deleted the scientific record. He has removed data from the view of his colleagues and scientists across the world and across the generations. . . “

And Duncan Davidson at The Wall Street Journal isn’t just calling for resignations from The Team; in concluding his column ‘Fear and Loathing in Global Warming’ he reckons resignation isn’t good enough for them.

    “The admissions in the emails are so bad these clowns should go to jail for fraud - Fraud of a Bernie Madoff scale. Fraud with a capital F. . .
   “It’s time for the GW Plumbers to go to jail: Phil Jones, Michael Mann, Gavin Schmidt, James Hansen, Keith Briffa, Malcolm Hughes and Kevin Trenberth. They were the ones circulating the emails, they were the co-conspirators of the fraud, and they deserve to be treated as the self-righteous con men they have been shown to be.
    “If Al Gore were President, he would have to resign.”

UPDATE 6: More email and document excerpts below from Karl Denninger. The comments are his. 

* * * First, an email from Jones:

    “It was good to see you again yesterday - if briefly. One particular thing you said - and we agreed - was about the IPCC reports and the broader climate negotiations were working to the globalisation agenda driven by organisations like the WTO. So my first question is do you have anything written or published, or know of anything particularly on this subject, which talks about this in more detail?”

Comments Ettinger: Oh, so it's not about the planet getting warmer, but rather is a convenient means of advancing an agenda that has already been pre-determined?

* * * Here are some interesting "meta statistics" on the documents, and the number of times the words referenced appear:

  • Fraud: 79

  • Falsify: 6

  • Inflate: 14

  • Conceal: 5

  • Hide: 19

Just for starters.

* * If you think that's bad, you might like this - from the file "ipcc-tar-master.rtf":

General Comments

The idea that climate without human intervention can only undergo “natural variability”, and that “climate change” can only result from human activity is false and fallacious. It is in conflict with all that we know of evolution and geology. It is simply wrong to assume that “ climate change” automatically implies human influence on the climate.

This fallacy is embraced by the Framework Convention on Climate Change, but the IPCC (Footnote to “Summary for Policymakers. Page 1) claim that they are prepared to accept “natural variability” as “climate change”. They are, however, unwilling to accept the truth, which is that climate can change without human intervention.


47 out of 91 models listed in Chapter 9 assume that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing at the rate of 1% a year when the measured rate of increase, for the past 33 years, has been 0.4% a year. The assumption of false figures in models in order to boost future projections is fraudulent. What other figures are falsely exaggerated in the same way?

UPDATE 7: More local coverage at the Herald, TVNZ, Stuff, TV3, KiwiblogWhale Oil and The Briefing Room.

UPDATE 8: It’s okay, The Herald has covered the story.  On page A16.  Bottom.  Under the fold. Brilliant.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Friday morning ramble round the ‘net #269

Here’s your regular Friday morning ramble – the best liberty links on the net for this and any other week.

  • To avoid complete lame duck status, the Obamessiah has to announce something at Copenhagen. Anything.  Looks like he’s going for both those things, says Patrick Michaels, and you’ll be paying.
    The Long Road to Copenhagen
  • The Children's Commissioner is telling people to boycott the March for Democracy, to be held in Auckland tomorrow?  Sounds like a good reason to head along.
    Breathtaking arrogance and appalling bias
  • Have you ever wanted to know about the man behind the last half-century’s tax, spend, borrow, tax, spend, borrow fandangle?  The man who’s spiritual mentor to most of the Messiah’s alleged economic advisers. Murray Rothbard once wrote a great bio of the not-so-great John Maynard Keynes that’s been reposted at the Mises Daily site – find out all about the man who claimed to have discovered the miracle of turning stones into bread by means of printed paper.
    Keynes: The Man
  • Ever noticed how controls breed controls; how one government intervention needs another to fix it, and another, and then another . . . A free country doesn’t dissolve into authoritarian rule overnight, but by steps–some small and innocuous, others vast and brazen. Like a frog being boiled alive, slowly.
    Controls breed controls – part 1
    Controls breed controls – part 2
  • So peer-reviewed science overwhelmingly supports the hypothesis of dangerous human-induced global warming? So there are no peer-reviewed “skeptic” papers?  Well, apart from these 450.
    450 Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skepticism of AGW-Caused Global Warming  [PDF]
  • Himalayan glaciers are retreating catastrophically?  Ah no they’re not.
    Himalayan Glaciers Not Melting
  • No, they’re really not.
    Himalayan Glaciers: Behaviour & Climate Change
  • “The world is considering a new financial market larger than any commodity,” notes Climate Debate Daily, “it's ‘based on science,’ but if you ask for evidence, you're called names – Denier"
    ...Global Bully Rudd fights for foreign committee, against citizens
  • Samizdata offers yet more evidence of why the USA badly needs a 'loser pays' legal system
  • Victor Davis Hanson endorses Nothing Less than Victory, the new book by Objectivist historian John Lewis.  Lewis offers “a superb appraisal of how ancient and modern wars start and finish . . . of why nations fight, win--and lose.” Lewis’ thesis, in a nutshell: “The goal of a war is to defeat an enemy's will to fight.”
    Nothing Less than Victory
  • From the archives, here’s Lindsay Perigo in full flight on his Politically Incorrect Radio Show of a few years ago. Number 2 includes a few comments on both ACT and John Banks. It’s like he was talking only yesterday.
    Politically Incorrect Road Show 1 by Lindsay Perigo
    Politically Incorrect Road Show 2 by Lindsay Perigo
  • That fearless unmasker of left-wing loons, the Kiwi who clipped the wings of Van Jones, offers up an interview with his good self recorded while in the States recently, which covers his views on Obama, Frank Marshall Davis, Van Jones, communist infiltration of the US government and much more.
    Kincaid Interviews Loudon
  • Speaking of loons, here is the 2007 PowerPoint presentation on Muslims in the US military that the Fort Hood killer presented to his colleagues.Nope, nothing in there at all that would raise a red flag with anyone.
  • And from the isn’t-technology-great file (courtesy of Butterpaper Australasia) comes news of a new titanium dioxide coated decorative facade that fights pollution. It can be seen installed at enex100, a retail complex in Perth.  If you’re in Perth. Click the pic to learn more.
  • Oswald Bastable offers Libertarianz types some advice. But hasn’t anyone told him trying to organise Libertarianz types is like trying to herd cats?
  • Liberty Scott continues his series on the aftermath of the Berlin Wall’s fall.  Today he’s in Czechoslovakia – that far-off country of which Neville Chamberlain knew little, and cared less.
    Berlin Wall Series: Czechoslovakia
  • Clint Heine has ten wishes for the $60 billion of black gold said to be offshore in New Zealand waters. I can agree with about eight out of ten.
    My OIL BILLIONS wish list
  • There’s a lot more than 16 examples of plagiarism in Witi Ihamaera’s new novel, says the blower of the plagiarism whistle.  She just stopped counting when she got to sixteen, she says of the novel that she reckons needs a complete rewrite. (Pity, because it actually sounds like a good read.)
    Reviewer claims more plagiarism in Ihimaera novel
  • Heading up to Saturday’s test against England, here are ten pommy rugby players we don’t hate.  Sez the Herald. Galt knows how Bumface got in there.
    'Our' 10 pom players
  • Dozens of musicians both local and international have re-recorded Chris Knox’s songs on a double tribute album to help raise raise funds for the stroke-ridden Tall  Dwarf.  Not quite sure how I feel about Neil Finn and Jordan Luck singing Chris Knox songs, but you can hear the whole album onilne before buying it at Amplifier [hat tip Hard News]:
    Stroke - Songs For Chris Knox
  • Oh, and check out The Chris Knox Collection on NZ On Screen.
  • For all those still wringing their hands about open immigration, Yaron Brook lays out the unanswerable philosophical case for letting peaceful people cross borders freely.
  • Société Générale tell there clients to prepare for "global economic collapse" over next two years -read the post & the very good comments, and have a good hard think.
  • 'The Prisoner.' It's back! Well, sort of.
  • Stimulus Watch 2.0 is launched with actual spending data instead of the made up ObamaScam stuff
  • A nice little earner? Being a UK MP almost doubled the wealth of Conservative MPs, but had no discernible financial benefits for Labour MPs.
  • "Keynesian economics is, in a sense, non-economics or even anti-economics" - Peter Klein
    [hat tip Anti Dismal]
  • Phil Goff goes rogue on Reserve Bank. Effectively calls for the Bank to target devaluation.
  • Sarah Palin doesn't believe in evolution | No, she said, "God... can create an evolutionary process..."
  • But Palin is just not anti-abortion enough for American Right to Life (sic) organisation:
  • Bankers are evil?  Check out Yaron Brook on The Morality of Moneylending: A Short History
  • When markets "fail," Nobel winner Elinor Ostrom has demonstrated empirically that “the” state may not be “the” solution.
  • Eric Crampton has the Attentionest Grabbing Curriculum Vitae tha’s come across his desk in ages.
  • Inflation is already here, it’s just that you monetarists just can't see it. You’re “too focused on aggregates like ‘the’ price level"
  • Jason Crawford reckons this is one of the most important posts on management I've written – and it’s one of the few I’ve ever posted here: 'Query for Judgment,' & encourage independent thinking
  • If it's "cash for policies" you're really after, then it's Nick Smith & the Browntable's Iwi Leadership Group you'll really be wanting to talk to.
  • Wikipedia’s Jimmy_Wales offers “the best new thought on journaiism that I've seen for awhile,”
  • Finally: Jihadist-enabling lawyer Lynne Stewart is ordered to jail -
  • The economics of pinball machine design. Fascinating.
  • Men married to smart women live longer. Smart men already knew that.
  • Amy Mossoff observes her daughter's Montessori classroom today – she is struck most, she says, by how naturally children interact with each other.
  • Vladimir Horowitz once said that if jazz pianist Art Tatum ever took up classical music seriously, Horowitz would quit the next day. Here’s the man Fats Waller called “God” playing Dvorak’s ‘Humoresque’ as only he could.


  • Philosopher Leonard Peikoff offers up Podcast #88 which covers, among other things: Developing a career passion; the roots of ambition; & accessibility laws for the disabled.
  • A Mobile Cigar Lounge! "I love it!,” says Sam Hearne. “Smoke in a beautiful environment & get around the state's stupid fucking anti-smoking laws."  Can we get one in Parnell?
  • Robert Gottliebsen explains how Australia's Emissions Trading Scam will unleash carnage in Victoria's economy
  • Peter Schiff writes on an important insight on jobs losses vs. production reports: that outsourcing overstates GDP numbers. (Just another reason to mistrust GDP figures.)
  • Peter Schiff Schools CNBC Once Again, as they try and paint a rosy picture over everything and claim “the worst is behind us.” Whom do they think they’re kidding.
  • Christopher Hitchens offers up some "Hard Evidence: Seven salient facts about Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan" that you probably haven’t heard:
  • It took 233 years, but the first Cannabis Cafe finally opens in the Land of the Free!
  • Stephen Hicks talks about the neurology behind the Montessori philosophy of education: It’s more than just dumb luck that Montessori materials promote brain development
  • Just a reminder for some of you: Ayn Rand is Not A Conservative . Good comments here suggesting it's either Burke or Rand, with very little middle ground.
  • Biofuel to feed cars leaves many of world's poor starving, and most environmentalists not caring less.
  • More Convergence Observed Between Religion and Environmentalism
  • Yaron Brook talks about Ayn Rand's enormous cultural impact, and what’s planned to make that impact even greater!
  • The looming disaster of dumbed down US maths education. Standards? What standards?! http://is.gd/4WliX
  • Al Gore confesses: Our own minds are the enemy. Laying out the "facts" hasn't worked for him, he says.
  • Tim Blair is not surprised The Goracle is switching from facts to faith-surprised, “since facts have never actually been Gore’s thing.”
  • And Gore also confesses: CO2 accounts for less than half of the warming that isn’t happening anyway. “The science is not settled,” concludes Andrew Bolt.
  • Just a reminder of Al Gore's nine big lies for you:
  • Here’s the composers of Caravan playing their tune, one that now appears everywhere played by the most unlikely people:


  • Canadian PM Stephen Harper's jet-setting fall tour will shun global climate-change summit in Copenhagen next month. Just another sign of the eco-fest being nothing more than a talk-fest.
  • Who was America’s Most Successful Communist?  By any measurable standard it has to be Pete Seeger, once known as Stalin’s Songbird.
    I don’t know about you, but I can remember being made to sing his songs at primary school. When the history of the left's long march through the culture is written, Gramsci's songbird should not be forgotten. http://bit.ly/30Wu8Y
  • The Source and Nature of Rights, Part 1 of Craig Biddle’s 6-hr seminar for an eager Guatemalan audience surveys common theories and misconceptions about rights. You are in Guatemala now, Mr Biddle.
  • "Religion’s enemy is not just Ayn Rand, it’s capitalism, human nature and ultimately the facts of reality"
  • What's the right way to treat TV viewers' complaints? Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie demonstrate.


  • The top 100 books of the noughties? Or a list to give an aspiring novelist a stomach ache, or a good belly laugh.
  • When all is spent and done NZ has only 1.7 million full-time workers supporting a population of 4.3 million.
  • Stephen Hicks examines John Dewey’s influential and incredibly destructive notion of education as socialization." Was Dewey an individualist, or a collectivist? Hicks is firm on that debate.
  • And finally, we have dramatic news of a teleprompter malfunction at the Obama dinner table. The Onion News Network has the details:


PS: Can I confess to being a little optimistic about posting Part 3 of my series on Leaky Houses here this week?  Okay, I so confess.  But I promise to work hard on it over the weekend, and get it to you by Monday at the latest.  How’s that work for you?

“Three ages of women” (detail) – Gustav Klimt

The full image is here.
You might see the full image and say of it, as people say of Rodin’s Helmetmaker’s Wife, “why the ugliness?"  A great answer is given here.
To precis, “Truth is beauty, and beauty is truth . . . ”

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Marching for Democracy?

A few  years ago now, way back when Jenny Shipley was still our headmistress, we libertarians hosted a protest march down Queen St we called The Enough is Enough March. Organised by Libz tobacco spokesman Joy Faulkner, we had just about everyone at the time who’d had enough of nanny – we had people from Stand Up New Zealand and Dad’s Army; from Abolish Bureaucratic Crimes and Smokers of the World Unite; from the Anti-NaZis On Air lobby and from people done over by the IRD; from FORCES, SSANZ, COLFO, NORML, AUF, MENZ and every other acronym in the anti-nanny bag – good folk who’d had enough of her tobacco taxes and her cigar bans, her firearms licensing laws, her interventions into NZ families, her attacks on taxpapyers and marijuana smokers, her new search and seizure powers, her attacks on free speech, her plans for an ID card, her acceding to the demands of tribalists, and her refusal to listen to the results of referenda.  We came to bury nanny, not to praise her.

As Russell Brown commented at the time, were were protesting about  . . . “well, pretty much everything really.”

banner_example_5 At least, it looked that way. The aim, of course, was to to tie all these single-issue protesters together into one common cause – to make them realise that in big, nannying government they each have the same enemy - that their fight against that enemy is the same - that if they only realised it, they each have a common cause in liberty - that freedom is indivisible, and to fight for one person’s freedom is to fight for your own – that if each cause were to rest its case on freedom then a powerful groundswell for liberty would be the result across the board – to enlist therefore in a common fight against the common foe, big government, would pay dividends for all of us.

We told them,

    “Enough IS enough. They do NOT own us - we own them & it's time we reminded them of that. THEY are in rebellion against their sacred obligation to PROTECT, not to violate, the individual liberties of the citizens of this country; it is THEY who should be rounded up & locked up.
    “Ladies & gentlemen, let the word go forth that things are going to change. There's going to be a revolution. More & more people are coming to the realisation that they can run their own lives, & that it's their birthright to do so; that government is not the solution to all our problems, GOVERNMENT AS WE KNOW IT IS THE PROBLEM!”

I have to say, we failed completely.

Sure, for one moment there everyone with a brain realised that were all on each other’s side, if only we could make something of that – that government really is the problem, not the solution – that freedom really is indivisible — that  if we all rang freedom’s bell consistently then freedom might one day reign from sea to shining sea . . . but almost without exception every one of those single issue protesters went home afterwards none the wiser for the experience.

banner_example_1 The measure of our failure is this weekend's March for Democracy, which in Yogi Berra’s famous phrase “looks like déjà vu all over again,” but without even the moral fervour that we brought to it. 

I applaud their efforts,but a decade after our Enough is Enough march, the March For Democracy will have the same groups of people upset about the same or similar things – most of whom voted for one or ‘tother of the major parties to do exactly what they’ve gone and done for the last decade or moe – and once again without any genuine understanding among the participants of what freedom really means, the energy and the scattergun “we’re against everything” mantra will go nowhere.

Which means nothing has really changed in all those years.