Monday, 27 April 2009

PJ cometh, soon [updated]

home_banner_new Four interviews here prior to PJ O’Rourke’s Auckland appearance this Thursday. 

  • “Mr Right” talks to the Herald’s Karyn Scherer.
        Contrary to some reports, capitalism and free markets aren't dead, says P.J. O'Rourke. “It's like damning the air to say that capitalism has finished.”
  • David Cohen catches up with PJ in the National Business Review.
        In terms of his own social commentary, O’Rourke said the economic crisis was proving to be a fabulous time. . .  “when it comes to human folly it’s a target-rich environment right now for sure.” [Hat tip Roar Prawn]
  • Watch PJ O'Rourke being interviewed on Australia’s ABC News Breakfast
  • And interviewed in The Australian, with a journalist not apparently a fan of free markets.
        Adam Smith, though, remains as relevant as ever, says O’Rourke. The market is now doing its job, despite the best efforts of government to stop it. In O'Rourke's view, channelling Smith, throwing trillions in taxpayers' money at the problem is folly.
        "How, then, would Adam Smith fix the present mess?" O'Rourke wrote in the Financial Times recently. "Sorry, but it is fixed already. The answer to a decline in the value of speculative assets is to pay less for them. Job done."

Can’t wait.  Here’s just some of what PJ had to say in Sydney last week:

America has wound up with a charming leftist as a president. And this scares me. This scares me not because I hate leftists. I don’t. I have many charming leftist friends. They’re lovely people - as long as they keep their nose out of things they don’t understand. Such as making a living.

Don’t miss out. Talk to the Center for Independent Studies about remaining tickets for Auckland and/or Perth.

UPDATE: Another great audio interview here at the ABC's Philosopher's Zone [hat tip Anti Dismal]


  1. I just posted on that this minute as well - looks great! I wish I had $200...

    (I also linked to my favourite PJ O'Rourke rant on political correctness.)

  2. PC: PJ is also interviewed on ABC's "Philosopher's Zone" here.

  3. have many charming leftist friends.And those "charming leftist friends" have another name for PJ:

    useful idiotThat's why PC & Whaleoil don't have any "charming leftist friends". Leftists are scum: the only good leftist is a dead leftist.

    But then, well PJ's been quite happy to say nice things about Swedish socialism, so why should we be suprised?

  4. That article Madeleine linked to by PJ O'Rourke is a scream! PC you should add it as an update.

  5. Anonymous said...

    "have many charming leftist friends.And those "charming
    "leftist friends" have another name for PJ:

    useful idiot That's why PC & Whaleoil don't have any "charming leftist friends". Leftists are scum: the only good leftist is a dead leftist." that you? Come on out buddy....your swastikas showing...;-)

  6. There's an unadvertised 75% student discount!


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