Tuesday, 15 July 2008

We're with stupid

Earnestness, observed PJ O'Rourke, is just stupidity sent to college. Labour must be listening, since it wants to pay for more stupidity to be sent to universities already overflowing with it.

It is understood [reports Colin Espiner in his best passive-verb voice] Labour is considering a massive boost to the student allowance scheme, including a payment of some $350 a week for study courses of 35 hours a week or more. That would put student allowances far ahead of any other standard benefit payment.

This is so obviously a bribe aimed at unthinking students, paid for by you in your capacity as taxpayer and ripe suck, that one can only wonder:

  1. Does anyone seriously still believe that more student welfare will raise the quality of students who attend universities? (Here's this morning's example of the sort of drivel produced in what were once places of learning -- do we really need more numb nuts paid with our money to produce even more of this crap? )
  2. How long will it be before John Key says "me too"?

1 comment:

  1. Read the SOLO link about Lewis Stoddart's thesis.

    "I treated all voices on the programme as if they were a single, unified voice."

    But, of course. Collectivism's a beautiful thing.

    And there's 30 PDF pages of this wank?


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