Tuesday, 29 July 2008

PJ on Adam Smith

In his latest book, PJ O'Rourke delivers a humorous modern-day spin on The Wealth of Nations and Adam Smith's revolutionary theories on liberty: pursuit of self-interest, division of labour, and freedom of trade. Employing Smith’s insights, PJ tackles such present day topics as outsourcing, blogs, central banks, and lobbyists, to name just a few. As PJ puts it, he read The Wealth of Nations "so you don't have to."  Think of it as Adam Smith with jokes.GuessWho?

See PJ talking about his book here [hat tip Paul Walker].

BTW, any idea who this is pictured right?  Think carefully now.  First correct answer receives a loud cheer.


  1. He, the mouse over trick doesn't work anymore. As a prime specimen of a severely repressed and underrepresented group in NZ I demand extra help.

  2. I might look stupid ...

  3. Who is pictured right?

    Judging by the nose and the separation of the eyes, it is PJ himself.

  4. That's a good summary of the book.
    It's treatement of Smith himself and the Theory of Moral Sentiments (title?) is also really interesting.

    The book's also a very quick read. Don't really on it for a long plane trip.

  5. It's Age & Guile because the other one it surely ain't.


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